Cornwall Gosling Initiative

What is this initiative?

At its core, the Cornwall Gosling Initiative is a literacy effort for children with a focus on community. We will be running online creative writing challenges that give kids an outlet to express themselves, bolster a feeling of community, and use what they have learned in school in another way.

Our current effort is a reading challenge! Check out the contest section for more information.

Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge is now over, but here is one of our winners: Amy-Lee. You can see all our winners of all the contests we have run if you click below.

Click Here for Winner!

Who is behind the Cornwall Gosling Initiative?

Sarah and Daniel are a Cornwall couple who have fallen in love with this city since moving here several years ago. Wanting to try and help foster the feelings that have grown in us, we decided to very literally ask people to write about it. We hope that in keeping the conversation about why Cornwall is so special to the individual, we will keep the positivity train running.