A Breakdown of The Contest

by Sarah Silman

So you've decided you want to enter our writing contest, but where do you begin?

The easiest way to go about entering this contest it to figure out what you are writing about and all the different things you like about it. For example:

I like (park) because: fun play structures, splash pad, walking with family, playing with friends, near my house, nice flowers in the summer, lots of dogs, good memories, etc.

The more reasons you have to like a place, the more things you have to write about. Brainstorm all the things you enjoy about the place you have chosen.

A simple breakdown of what an entry might look like is:

Introduction-tell us a little bit about yourself (name, age, school, hobbies, etc)

Your subject-what have you chosen to write about?

Why did you choose this?-this is where you get to the specifics behind your choice. Rather than listing all the things you like, use this time to create a solid point for your choice. Instead of; I chose this location because I like one, two, and three, make it: I chose this place because one is something really good, and I look forward to seeing it when I visit.

Conclusion-You can use this time to look at the bigger picture of your choice within Cornwall. Do other people really like it? Does it help the community? Is it something that makes the town better? Is it something that improves your life or make you happy? Do you think anything could change about it or make it better?


This is just an idea of what could be done as part of the writing activity, it does not need to be formatted in this way. The most important part is that you write about something you truly love about Cornwall and that it comes across in your entry.