Wrapping up the first contest!

by Sarah Silman

The May 31st deadline came and went and although we were no longer accepting submissions, we were not done. Over the course of the next week and a half our judges read all THIRTY entries and deliberated over which had the most joy and who expressed themselves the best.

Going into this contest I crossed my fingers that we would get at least three entries. It is difficult to get a new thing off the ground, but I knew if we got at least three entries we could show ourselves having winners and make the next contest even bigger. However, all that finger crossing was unnecessary as, over the course of the last five days before the end date, we had thirty entries come it. Some children were influenced by their teachers, some by parents, and some seemed to lead themselves there. Either way, we are so proud of everyone who entered and who helped make this a success. 


As I read through the many entries I felt myself tearing up a bit. I knew I wanted to use this contest as a way to put some positivity out into the world but to read the earnest feelings of the kids in this town was such a blessing. I heard about children who loved parks, local business, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying the nature in our city.

I appreciate every single child who entered and helped make this a success but we're not done. Look forward to a new project happening over the summer and a new challenge this autumn. We want to encourage literacy and give away prizes, if you like that idea make sure you stick around!