Cornwall Joy Winner: Gracie

by Sarah Silman

Gracie, aged 10, Cornwall Joy writing contest winner

What I love about my home Cornwall

I have lived in Cornwall ever since I was born, and there are some cool things I have seen involving fairs, March break events and all sorts of other awesome things but I am going to be writing about some of my favourites. 

Once when I was younger my Gram brought me and my cousins to an event in March called seedy Saturday at the Benson Centre it was so cool and probably my most favourite Cornwall event. When I was there, I had got confused about was eating dirt station I was young, so I thought it was real dirt but now that I am older it makes me laugh because I know it is just crushed cookies. There was a hole bunch of cool crafting stations witch I loved because I love to craft. There had also been a plant station I produced a whole bunch and now my backyard looks beautiful. 

Something I also love is the Seaway Valley Theatre and the plays they do I have audition for two but only got a role in one. It had been the first audition I was so excited it was Elf, and I was so happy because I love to sing dance and act, I got to make friends and do something I love at the same time it was dreams coming true. I hade also gone to a theatre camp in the March break once and during the summer just before covid-19. I hope I get to do it again soon because I do not know what I can do without it. Acting at Seaway Valley is so magical I love it so much.

 And I also love the Cornwall Aquatic Centre swimming pool. First is I love swimming it is one of my favorite things to do ever since I was little, I have been going there to learn to swim and I still do. Swimming always makes me feel alive makes me feel like a fish swimming in the clear blue oceans.

An outdoor event that I have always loved is the fair’s I love each one and also, I like how each one hade different rides so every time there is something new to try, I think it is so cool because trying new things are important and the lemonade is always perfect. I love the Cornwall fairs which is rip fest and Canada day.

Those are some of my favorite things about Cornwall. This city is such a great place to grow up in I never want to leave but my final words are ther is not just one favorite place there is a whole bunch out there but for me I love it all.