Cornwall Joy Winner: Maxim

by Sarah Silman

Maxim, 11, Cornwall Joy writing contest winner

Cornwall is my hometown and there is not just one reason I like Cornwall but many reasons why it brings me joy. There are so many places in Cornwall that I could have picked. However, my favorite part about living in Cornwall is Lamoureux Park. I like Lamoureux Park because it’s peaceful. By that I mean people are always nice. Lamoureux Park is a place where you can have fun with friends and family. Me and my dad, every time it’s hot outside, we would go on a bike ride at Lamoureux Park. We would see the beautiful St Lawrence river. It just makes me so calm and relaxed. From my personal experience I remember the time that Dr. Navaneelen set up a movie in the park. I remember seeing a concert from the french group Swing at the Bandshell. It was the best. I would go on walks with my grand-mother at Lamoureux Park because it’s physical and because it’s a place where it’s very peaceful. It’s like nothing can go wrong. It’s a place where you feel happy and excited. Once in the winter I went sledding at Lamoureux Park. But I saw a little kid fly into the water. It was funny but I felt bad for him. Anyways I have been to Lamoureux Park for as long as I've lived. Lamoureux Park has a lot of things that it's hard to pick your favorite.So I took all of my experience. That is my favorite part about Cornwall that brings me joy.