Cornwall Joy Winner: Teann

by Sarah Silman

Teann, Aged 10, won our Cornwall Joy writing contest
May 2021

My name is Teann Wickramarachchi and I am ten years old. I am currently attending St.Peter’s Virtual Catholic School and the reason I entered this contest is because I love to read and write, and I thought it would be fun to write about what I love the most in the city I live in, which is Cornwall. The place that brings me joy in Cornwall is the Waterfront Trail, which goes from Niagara-on-the-lake to the Quebec boarder, but the part in Cornwall goes from Gray’s Creek Conservation Area in the east to Guindon Park in the west. 

Biking along the Waterfront Trail is calming, and it has beautiful, natural scenery that cyclists and roller skaters can enjoy. When I am cycling through Gray’s Creek Conservation Area, I love the cool breeze, and the sight of the green forest is stress-relieving and peaceful. It also connects to Lamoureux Park, Marina 200, and the Saunders Hydro Dam. In July 2008 was the inauguration of the Great Waterfront Trail Adventure, and after that was a 720 km cycling holiday from Niagara to the Quebec boarder, which lasted for about 8 days. This holiday was created to celebrate the Great Lakes on the Waterfront Trail, all the different communities along the trail, and fulfill the trail’s tourism potential. Along the trail, there are many different places that you can stop and enjoy, such as the Aquatic Centre and the Cornwall Historic Jail. There are also washrooms, and places where you can fill your water bottle. It also passes by the St.Lawrence River and the Cornwall Canal. I can walk, cycle, and roller skate along the Waterfront Trail. When I cycle along the Waterfront Trail, there are a few tips I must remember, such as staying on the right side of the road, yield to pedestrians at all times, move off the path completely when coming to a stop, and to travel at a safe speed (when cycling). The Waterfront Trail even passes three of the Great Lakes in Ontario- Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, and Lake Huron!

During the pandemic, everywhere is closed, but the Waterfront Trail is open for everyone at anytime from early morning to late at night. This trail is an asset to our community, and it offers a great opportunity to stay active and admire nature. Whenever I bike along the trail by the water, I love it when the sun shines down on the water because it’s beautiful to see the crystal clear water on a bright sunny day with all the rocks and stones underneath the water. My family and I are so happy to be able to walk with our dog and bike along this trail. I can see that so many different people in the community of Cornwall experience joy and happiness when they go along the trail and enjoy the great outdoors. This is why the Waterfront Trail is the place I like the most in Cornwall.