Cornwall's Future Winner: Elliot

by Sarah Silman

Seven year old Elliot was one of three winners from our Cornwall's Future writing contest. He was tasked with describing what Cornwall might be like in the year 2041 and Elliot went all out. We've got Tesla cars, new restaurants, and even a Costco! You can read his entry here:

It is the year 2041. I am driving in my eco-friendly red Tesla. I am listening to my friend The Panda on 104.5 Fresh Radio.  I see only other Teslas outside my window. The Teslas are all charged by electricity. The trees are all green. I see the ones I planted when I was young and they have grown so big. When I drive on Second Street I see a Chick-Fil-A. I stop in for some delicious chicken nuggets. Then I go to the Rat’s Nest where they have a new baseball diamond for Cornwall Baseball. I am now the coach of the Rookie River Rats. After our victory against the Ottawa Braves we celebrate at the Happy Popcorn.  Cornwall looks a lot different than when I was a kid way back in 2021. It has grown, there are more people, more buildings and even a Costco. Even though it has changed I am happy that many of the things that make Cornwall so special have stayed the same. I can still go to Greys Creek for a hike with my family, go to the BMX Park in Guindon Park and most importantly I can drive my fancy Tesla to the Williamstown Fair every August.