Cornwall's Future Winner: Lydia

by Sarah Silman

Nine year old Lydia is one of three winners in the writing contest we held focused on Cornwall's Future. Thinking of the year 2041 she sees Cornwall cruise ships, high speed transport, and a lot more tourism. You can read her entry below:

Cornwall is a great city, but have you ever wondered how Cornwall would be in
the future? It may be greater than it is today. So, what may be the differences?

First, it could have high speed trains. Transportation would be faster and easier.
People in Cornwall could explore more places and more people could have
knowledge on this wonderful city. Cornwall could have more tourists and life
would be merrier. High speed trains would bring glorious discoveries!

Second, speaking of tourists, Cornwall could have more special events. For
example, they could host a spring festival or a harvest parade to celebrate
autumn. These events could be in natural parks and public gardens. They could
also create wonderlands for kids to play in. These tourist attractions would deliver the liveness for everyone.

Then, cruise ships would present adventures! People could have a really pleasant journey. We could also visit places like the United-States. If it visits a beach, that would be a big bonus! Cruise ships are fun elements like high speed trains.

Lastly, more international shopping areas, restaurants and holiday cottages would bring so much joy and energy. People could have more opportunities to pick items that they like. They could taste different food styles. Spending their holiday time in a warm cozy cottage is also a good choice. Cornwall would be a relaxing and energetic city.

With all these ideas bursting out of young minds, they may be the people who will make Cornwall a more wonderful city!