Cornwall's Future Winner: Sara

by Sarah Silman

Sara, twelve, is one of three winners from the Cornwall's Future writing contest. Tasked with giving us a peak at life in our city in the year 2041 she suggested a higher population, A.I. teachers, and more community spaces to spend time. You can read her entry here:

A lot can change in 20 years, technology, friendships, your height, but also cities, more specifically; Cornwall. These are a few things I think will change in Cornwall in 20 years.

Firstly, I think there will be a higher population of people in 20 years. I think this because people will realise Cornwall is a great place to move, it’s close to Ottawa and a lot of people here are bilingual, so you can communicate to others more easily. People will also start to understand that Cornwall is a great place to start up local restaurants downtown, or anywhere that’s available. 

Secondly, I predict that schools here in Cornwall will be more to your liking, meaning that you can choose if you want to be online or in person. If you choose to be online though, you’ll have A.I. teaching you, and only you.

Thirdly, I think by 20 years the empty property where “Low’s” used to be will be a furniture store. It seems like a good location and size for a woodshop as well. 

Also, I think there will be more retirement homes because I find Cornwall does have quite a bit of them and they’re still making more down by the waterfront. 

Speaking of the waterfront, I think they will put a small cafe or park there, it’s definitely convenient and it’s a great way to just hang out there!


Last but not least, I think that they may add more to Gray’s Creek. It’s nice but I think they’ll add more to it, I think they may add a football field eventually, or maybe a volleyball net and playing area (which would be so much fun because I love volleyball)!


These are a couple things I think will happen to Cornwall in 20 years! And who knows, maybe there’ll be a flying car dealership one day!?