Cornwall's Future-2041

What is this Contest?

At its core, the Cornwall Gosling Initiative is a writing contest for kids aged 6-14 with a focus on community. We are starting a new creative writing challenge that gives kids an outlet to express themselves, bolster a feeling of community, and use what they have learned in school in another way.

It is free to enter, and anyone who fits the criteria is encouraged to try their best and participate!

Who can enter?

This contest is open to anyone who is between the ages of 6-14, who lives in Cornwall or surrounding area, and who enjoys writing! There is no entry fee, and as long as you fit in the above category you are welcome to enter.

What do we write about?

For our second writing challenge, the theme is Cornwall's Future-2041. We want participants to send us an essay about what they think Cornwall will be like in twenty years from now. What will be different? The same? How have schools/parks/businesses/etc changed? How have we, as people living in the community? This is fictional, so the sky's the limit on what you believe the future will look like in Cornwall.

Contestants 6-9 should be writing 100-300 words.
Contestants 10-14 should be writing 200-400 words.

Can I involve my parents?

We do not expect every participant to be able to do this alone. Every contestant is encouraged to ask friends and family for ideas, to help brain storm, and for editing advice. However, it is only the 6-14 year olds who should be writing the contest entry.

How are winners chosen?

All entries will be read by a panel of local judges based on the same criteria:
-spelling and grammar
-Cornwall Connection or how closely it connects to the theme of Cornwall's Future-2041

What can I win?

Several individuals will be chosen from all participants to receive a gift basket with a variety of local items as well as a $50 gift certificate to Chapters.

When is the deadline?

The last day anyone will be able to submit an entry with be December 3rd, 2021. Anything received after midnight on that date will not qualify for any of the prizes.


So you have decided you want to enter this contest! We are so pleased to hear it!
Remember that, for this contest, we are looking for:
-100-300 words for 6-9 year olds or 200-400 words for 10-14 year olds
-a piece on the subject of Cornwall's Future-2041, a fictional written piece about the future of out city
-please include your name and how old you are on the document with the written submission
-please include the name of the parent/guardian as well as name/age of child in the email with the document
-live in Cornwall or surrounding area (Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry, 
as well as Akwesasne).
To enter, you must be 6-14 years old as of December 3rd, 2021, and you must reside in Cornwall, Ontario and area.

Submit your entry by emailing us at:

Please include your first and last name as well as your age. Winners will be contacted as soon as all entries have been read and judged. An announcement will be made once everyone who has won has been informed. Be aware that any submitted pieces might be used at the discretion of the event runners to help promote the contest and bolster positive community vibes.

Questions? Contact us at