Out Of Season by Erin Lee: Book Giveaway!

Local Author Erin Lee has just released a new book called Out of Season and we want to give away three copies! This book is all about Winnie, a girl who knows her style. It is a beautiful story about finding yourself and being confident in who you are.

To enter this contest children aged 4-10 will draw themselves however they think they look best. In a costume? Pajamas? As a ballerina? A doctor? An elf? Jeans and a sweater? Anything and everything is on the table with one winner being drawn each week for a total of three winners. 

Entries can be submitted here: enter@cornwallgoslings.com 

Be sure to include the following:
Name of Parent/guardian:
Child's Name:
Child's Age:
Name of the art work:
Location: Cornwall. Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, or Akwesasne
And of course the art work!

This contest is open to any child aged 4-10 located in Cornwall, Ontario and the SDG area. Prizes will be awarded after the last name is drawn, with the hopes to get a photo all together with the author. Children can enter as many drawings as they would like, but each name will only be entered into the draw once.

Winners will be drawn on September 19th, 26th, and October 3rd.
Contest closes October 3rd, 2021.
Pictured below: Erin showing Sarah the amazing new book!
Please note that any images submitted to us for our contest could be posted on our website or Facebook page.